Scarletta Redd
Scarletta Redd
Physical Information
Species Red Panda
Sex Female
Appearance Red, black and tan, Green eyes
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut Seeing Red
Voiced by Nicole Oliver

Scarletta Redd is a red panda who appears in the episode Seeing Red.


Scarletta acts all tough and mean. She didn't like it when Vinnie called her cute. Minka says they'll extra careful around her, but Scarletta says she can take care of herself. Penny Ling asks her about her feelings and she says got sad only once over little things, but got over it. Penny Ling ask Scarletta how she toughened up and how she can. She says she has to visit the Tough Panda Club and say the next meeting's tonight. She coaches Penny Ling toughing up including her voice and her face. Scarletta hears her owner, but tells Penny Ling to meet her at the big oak tree in the middle of Downtown City Park and to come alone.


  • In the book Littlest Pet Shop: A New Attitude: Starring Sunil Nevla, a red panda called Scarlett D. Panda visits the day camp and has a similar laid back personality to Scarletta.


Scarletta stops Vinnie

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