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Secret Cupid Song is not a birthname.

Secret Cupid Song
Episode Secret Cupet
Character(s) Sugar Sprinkles
Sung by Kelly Metzger
Length 0:50
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Secret Cupet

Secret Cupid Song is a multi-part song in Secret Cupet, sung by Sugar Sprinkles while she played her ukulele to hypnotize pets into falling in love. Singing it backwards will reverse its effect.


ScreenCapture 26.06.14 9-42-29.jpg

By herself

Secret Cupid is my name
Some think I'm cuckoo
My secret's not too secret, though
'Cause love's what I do do


You can love most anyone
It's happy and it's free
Go ahead and try it
With the next pet that you see


Terces dicup si ym eman
Emos kniht m'I ookcuc
Ym s'terces ton oot terces, hguoht
Esuac' s'evol tahw I od od[1]

Phonetic backwards

Tec-res dip-uck see I'm mane
Muss kinth my ook ook
I'm stec-rec ton oot tec-res oath
Suck vul twa I ood ood[2]


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