Shanghai is the most populated city in China and the world. It is home to Penny Ling's distant cousins and the location where Mrs. Twombly was honored as the originator and Wuhu master of Kung Fu Quilting.

Tourist attractions

While waiting for Mrs. Twombly's ceremony, Blythe and Penny Ling took the Really Fast Shuttle Tour to take a look at Shanghai's tourist attractions, such as the historic Bund district, the Yuyuan Garden - where the famous Jade Rock is located - and Blythe also expressed interest on checking out the marketplace. Some boats called junks can be spotted at the sea. Mrs. Twombly's ceremony was held at the Shanghai Wildlife Preserve, where they have a large panda population, including Ling Pen, Ling Jun, Jun Ling and Panda Elder. Penny Ling was very interested on going to the wildlife preserve, so that she could meet her cousins.

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