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Littlest Pet Shop (2012 TV series) Wiki
Sherman 1.png
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Student
Production Information
Debut Books and Covers
Voiced by Sam Vincent

Sherman is a student of Downtown City Junior High. He was introduced in Books and Covers as Blythe and Youngmee's mathlete classmate.


Sherman had a brain-sprain after a complex math problem while practicing for a match that day. According to Mrs. Mondt, who had seen that happen to mathletes before, it is not serious, but he was done for the day. For the sake of nor forfeiting the day's match, Blythe got the Biskit Twins to replace him, despite Mrs. Mondt's objection.

He was present at the Pet Appreciation Day, in which he took interest in Cashmere and Velvet. He was disappointed that the chinchillas turned their backs to him, so he called them "moody". That prompted the Biskit Twins to jump to their pets' defense, giving Sherman a rant that make him feel his brain lock up again.



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