Snappy Clawster

Snappy Clawster
Snappy Clawster.png
Physical Information
Species Lobster
Sex Male
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut Pump Up the Panda
Voiced by Peter New

Snappy Clawster is a lobster who appeared in Pump Up the Panda. He is a trainer who lives at Seal Beach Bay.


Snappy is a fit lobster with the personality of a pushy gym coach. He uses a shell as a microphone while training his students.

Upon meeting Penny Ling, he started to train her when she feels as though she is not in shape. Needless to say, his training fit the profile, but was somewhat overwhelming.

The next day, Penny met him when he was training a seal and told the panda he gives up on her since she is still overweight, accusing her of eating in secret while training. Offended, Penny Ling heads up on the seal and berates Snappy, telling him she is proud of her natural weight.

After Penny saves Snappy and the seal from drowning in the ocean, he realizes that, even though Penny is still overweight, his training on her actually paid off.


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