These are the songs featured in Littlest Pet Shop.

All episodes

The running theme song is the only song featured in all the episodes, being as the opening song for every episode in the series thus far, including international versions.

Season 1

Episode Song Lead Begins at International versions
Blythe's Big Adventure Part One The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Zoe and the pets 10:44 International
Gailbreak! Dance Like You Know You Can Zoe 4:42, 12:25, 21:10 International
Penny For Your Laughs BFF's Biskit Twins and Blythe 13:29 International
I'm Sorry Song Pepper 17:25 International
Russell Up Some Fun Fun Being Fun Russell 12:42 International
Be Yourself / Just Like You Blythe and Sue 8:10 International
Blythe's Crush Crush Zoe 17:05 International
Dumb Dumbwaiter If You're a Guy The boys 5:00 International
So You Skink You Can Dance Gotta Get To The Studio Vinnie 16:06 International
Lights, Camera, Mongoose! Superstar Life Shahrukh 9:44 International
Topped With Buttercream The Sweet Shop Song Buttercream and the pets 4:39 International
What Did You Say? Humanarian The girls and Sunil. 5:28 International
Lotsa Luck Miss Anna T, If You Please Voice-over 9:35 International
Door-Jammed Wolf-i-fied Sunil and Vinnie 14:47 International
Frenemies My New Tail Vinnie 20:14 International
Blythe's Pet Project Lost and Found Box Youngmee and Aunt Cristie, with Blythe 5:06 International
Summertime Blues Stay Here Forever The pets 2:08 International
It Won't Be Long Voice-over 17:13 International

Season 2

Episode Song Lead Begins at International versions
Missing Blythe F.U.N. Song Blythe, with Fashion University North students 4:40, 14:54 (reprise) International
What, Meme Worry? We're Havin' a Party, Party Unknown 12:01 International
Two Times as Cute Biskit Twins, with Monsieur LeGrande 15:27 International
The Big, Feathered Parade I-Guana Rhumba Vinnie 7:11 International
A Day at the Museum Dino-pets The girls sans Pepper 10:00 International
Blythe's Big Idea Pet Friendly Skies The pets 6:10 International
Commercial Success Come to the Littlest Pet Shop The pets 5:53 International
To Paris With Zoe Chez Paris The pets sans Zoe and Vinnie 5:21 International
Super Sunil El Cobra Cabra Voice-over 12:26 International
Shanghai Hi-Jinks Dance Fu Fighting Vinnie 10:02 International
Grounded Biskit Twins Rhapsody Roger and Biskit Twins 10:38 International
Inside Job Two For One Biskit Twins 8:58 International
Plane it on Rio! Song of Brazil Minka, with rainforest animals 11:05, 19:58 (reprise) International
Littlest Bigfoot Just Unplug Voice-over 13:38 International
Sunil's Sick Day Cyril McFlip Russell, with Zoe, Minka and Penny Ling 8:37 International
The Expo Factor - Part 1 All Around The World Delilah and the pets 8:47 International
The Expo Factor - Part 2 Won't Have To Look Too Far The pets 4:04 International

Season 3

Episode Song Lead Begins at International versions
Sleeper Hangin' by a Thread Sunil and Vinnie 10:07


Tongue Tied A Perfect Day Blythe 0:15 International
Fish Out of Water Treasure Out Of Trash Lemasque 12:05 International
The Secret Recipe My Biggest Secret Blythe 9:45 International
Snow Stormin' Chase Away the Winter Blues Blythe and the pets 9:02 International
Room Enough A Different Kind of Girl voice-over 11:03 International
Pet Sounds If I Could Talk to the Humans Cheep-Cheep and all pets 4:36 International
A Night at the Pawza Biskit Family Business Fisher Biskit and the Biskit Twins 8:46 International
Proud as a... Peacock? You're the One voice-over 14:34 International
Sue Syndrome A Skunk is a Skunk Mitzi and Pepper Clark 12:06 International
It's the Pet Fest! - Part 1 Breathless Jason #1 and the Soul Patches 17:56 International
It's the Pet Fest! - Part 2 Pets and Humans Jason #1 and the Soul Patches
Zoe and Heidi and the pets
17:15 International

Season 4

Episode Song Lead Begins at International versions
Pitch Purrfect Not Every Star is in the Sky Zoe, Delilah and the cats 5:36
Hearty Time Pet Food Jingle Zoe, Sunil, Penny Ling and Vinnie 17:30
Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors Dude is a Vampire Russell and Vlad 8:02
The Tiniest Animal Store The Tiniest Animal Store Jingle Choir 15:05
Un-vetted Can't Give Up Zoe, Russell 12:09
Pump up the Panda Summer Sunsations The pets 2:02
Snipmates Pain and Suffering Sugar Sprinkles
Guilt Tripping The Guilty Tango Blythe, Pepper 11:15
Steamed Pawrista's Coffee Sugar Sprinkles
On the Same Page To Tell You The Truth Blythe and the pets

Animated Shorts

Episode Song Lead Begins at International versions
Tail-Rave-Ium Dance Party Elaine Shepherd 0:56 International
The Ladies of LPS Girl Time The girls 0:39 International
Littlest Pet Peeves Everything You Do is my Pet Peeve The pets sans Pepper, Penny and Vinnie 0:30 International
The Fire Hydrant Song Fabulous Song Zoe 0:45 International
Just Not Into It Boys Don't Care About Clothes The boys 1:00 International
So Like Bored So Like Bored (Song) Biskit Twins and Rat Biskit Twins 0:27 N/A
OmmmMG OmmmMG (Song) Minka, Sunil, Vinnie 1:17 N/A
What's Next? What's Next? (Song) Blythe, Zoe, Minka, Russell 0:43 International l

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