Physical Information
Species Tortoise
Sex Male
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut The Tortoise and the Heir
Voiced by Sam Vincent

Speedy Shellberg is a 150 year tortoise who appears in The Tortoise and the Heir.


Speedy is a old tortoise that came to stay at the Littlest Pet Shop while his owner was moving in to a new house. When Blythe told her dad about him, it turned out that he was once the pet tortoise of Blythe's mom, Lauren, who went by the nickname Betty. At the end of the episode, he reveals he had Betty's journal stored in his shell. Thinking Blythe was Betty, he gives her Betty's journal.


  • During his first lines in the episode, Speedy mentions that his current owner, Mr. Jones, is either his 22nd or 23rd owner, meaning that during his 150 years of life, he has had many owners, and Blythe's mother was one of them. He also claimed to be the pet of Theodore Roosevelt.


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