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Steve crop.jpg
Physical Information
Species Water cobra
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Zoo
Production Information
Debut Heart of Parkness
Voiced by Sam Vincent

Steve is an Indian water cobra who lives at the zoo. He escaped (though "was freed" may be more accurate) from the Largest Ever Pet Shop.


Steve was sent to Largest Ever Pet Shop on order by Fisher Biskit, who intended to fetch a handsome price for him. Unfortunately for Fisher (but fortunately for Steve), Brittany and Whittany Biskit decided that Steve's cage would make a perfect place for an organization place for all their make-up. Steve did not respond well to his personal space being invaded- having apparently hissed multiple times - , but he responded more than well when he was set free. Glad to be out of his diminutive prison, he slithered off to the one place he felt would make a good home- the local park.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse there. He quickly gained the ire (and fear) of the local park raccoons by demolishing their home (a story which was later revealed to Sunil Nevla by a local pigeon that comprehended the raccoons' bizarre speech patterns). Eventually, he and Sunil came face-to-face. Steve was thoroughly surprised at Sunil's apparent lack of fear at facing his species' greatest enemy and, though Sunil admitted he feared much, the little mongoose refused to back down against his foe and he that he didn't fear cobras. Admitting that he had nothing against Sunil personally- as he was acting on instinct -, Steve attacked. In an unexpected way, Sunil confused Steve into tying himself into a knot (much to the adoration of the raccoons, who made Sunil their king). Humiliated, Steve bounced away, promising a return and payback.

Eventually, he returned as promised; by this time, however, Blythe and the other Littlest Pet Shop pets had found Sunil. Steve didn't seem to care and had come under the impression that they intended to send him back to Largest Ever Pet Shop. Luckily, Blythe cleared up the situation and (upon learning that the snake had a special "hate spot" in his heart for the Biskit twins) offered him a chance at payback. Steve gladly accepted and scared the Biskit Twins into sending their father on an unwanted (and unconventional) jetski trip.

By the end of the episode, Steve was captured by local park authorities and taken to the zoo (much to his happiness).


Despite being a predator, Steve acted like a gentleman-of-sorts, admitting to Sunil before trying to kill him that he didn't mean anything of what he did personally against his prey and that it was just common animal instinct.


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  • In real life, snakes are largely deaf.
  • In real life, the only true water cobra, the banded water cobra is from Africa.