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Sue Patterson
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Appearance Fair skin
Strawberry blonde with blue eyes
Personal Information
Occupation Student at Downtown City Junior High
Residence Downtown City
Production Information
Debut Blythe's Big Adventure Part Two
Voiced by Kira Tozer

Sue Patterson is one of Blythe's best friends that she met on her first day of school, along with Youngmee Song and Jasper Jones.


Sue is described as a jock by Blythe. Indeed, she does seem to have a knack for sports. Sue has also shown to be passionate and a little easy to frustrate sometimes. She seems to take things more seriously than others would; this is shown when Blythe temporarily befriended the Biskit Twins in Penny For Your Laughs.

It is shown in Russell Up Some Fun that she also idolizes Blythe when she tried to emulate her. However, in the end, Sue learned to be happy with herself instead of imitating Blythe.


Sue has a slim athletic build, being the tallest of her friends, with fair skin and bright, sky blue eyes. She has peach lips and orange-brown eyebrows. Her hair is bright orange and a little messy, worn with a few yellow hair clips.

Sue usually wears a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, red trousers with a number 5 on her pant leg, and blue trainers.

Other Outfits[]

  • During gym class, Sue wears a bright yellow T-shirt with a rainbow on it and a pair of red and yellow shorts. She also wears white knee socks with two red lines around the top and blue and yellow trousers.
  • A brown sleeveless dress with blue floral print and dark brown tie at the neck and belt. She wears her normal yellow hair clips.
  • White and dark blue striped shirt with blue jeans and a red belt and flats.
  • A grey and pale blue dress with ribbon around the waist, blue pantyhose, and grey shoes.
  • A white tank top with sky blue half-jacket and a pair of dark grey jean shorts worn with a black belt with small cyan blue flower. Also tall gray boots, black bracelet, and a blue pearl bracelet. Later worn with a black cap and pair of sunglasses, but then wore a blue-gray beanie with a flower clipped to it.
  • A yellow polka dot top under a white shirt and long sea foam green skirt, along with pair of gray boots. Eventually, she wore her hair straight down and flat like Blythe, but it is much shorter.
  • For running, Sue wears a grey shirt with white sleeves and grey pants with a pair of black finger-less gloves and red sneakers and socks. She wears a red, white and blue headband.
  • A green and blue sports top with an 8 on the front, purple flowery shaped skirt with pale purple ruffled lining, orange leggings with yellow spots, black boots, and a pair of soft-blue fuzzy leg warmers. On her head with a purple hat with red band and a big yellow feather.
  • A white T-shirt under a dark purple-red tank top with yellow lining and matching shorts. Tall white knee socks and a pair of blue sneakers with yellow lining.
  • When skating, Sue has a hot pink pair of skates with yellow wheels and a hot pink helmet with pale pink markings and yellow stars.


  • In Bakers and Fakers, it is revealed that Sue practices mixed martial arts and badminton.
  • In Sue Syndrome, she is afraid of giving a speech (which she eventually overcomes). As well, she reveals she is also afraid of clowns.


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