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Sugar Sprinkles
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Physical Information
Species Snowshoe Cat
Sex Female
Personal Information
Aliases Secret Cupid
Residence The Sweet Truck
Family Aunt Christie (owner)
Production Information
Debut Sweet (Truck) Ride
Voiced by Kelly Metzger

"Hey, humor and sweets - both're good for the soul."

Sugar Sprinkles.

Sugar Sprinkles is a cat who lives inside the Sweet Truck. She is tan-colored with white arms and muzzle, and bright blue eyes. Around her neck, most of her tail, bangs, and outer-ear coloring are a dark shade of pink.

She wears a small blue bow on her head, attached to white hair that resembles dollops of cream. On her bangs and tail are multiple sprinkles.


Buttercream is giving Russell, Pepper, Penny, Minka, Sunil, Vinnie, and Zoe a tour of the Sweet Delights Truck. When Buttercream first says "Sugar Sprinkles," the other pets assume she is referring to the food, so Penny repeats "sugar sprinkles" (as in the food) and Sugar Sprinkles pops out of the drawer, and tells all the pets not to wear out her name. Sugar Sprinkles welcomes the pets to the truck. Penny licks Sugar Sprinkles' head due to the actual sprinkles on it. Russell scolds Penny for licking Sugar Sprinkles' head, but Sugar Sprinkles does not mind. She tells all the pets they can taste the sprinkles on her head, and starts singing with her ukulele. The pets all lick her head except for Russell.

Vinnie accidentally steps on Sugar's tail after the Sweet Delights Truck is accidentally put into drive mode and she shrieks. As she flies through the air, she bumps into Penny, who bumps into Buttercream Sunday, who then bumps into the gear shift, and the truck starts moving. Penny Ling (unaware that the truck is moving) looks up through the window and says the sidewalk is moving, and then Sugar Sprinkles looks through the window from above her and tells her the truck is the thing that is moving. (Sweet (Truck) Ride)


Sugar appears to be very laid-back, cool-tempered, and calm. She is never worked up over anything and has an apologetic demeanor, apologizing in advance for things and complimenting others, as well as letting them lick her, due to her sugary-sweet taste and all the pets love the sprinkles on her head.

Surprisingly, without her sprinkles, she becomes angry and savage until the sprinkles are replaced. Upon them being replaced, she has no recollection of what happened.

Other Outfits

  • Star Trek suit


  1. Sweet (Truck) Ride
  2. Blythe's Big Idea (cameo)
  3. Super Sunil
  4. Secret Cupet
  5. Proud as a... Peacock? (cameo)
  6. It's the Pet Fest! - Part 2 (cameo)
  7. Snipmates
  8. Steamed
  9. Littlest Pet Street - Part 1 (cameo)


  • Though not outright stated, it seems to be implied that Christie has adopted her since her debut. 


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