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Sunil's Dad is not a birthname.

Sunil's Dad
Sunil's Dad ID.png
Physical Information
Species Mongoose
Sex Male
Personal Information
Aliases Father / Dad (by Sunil)
Family Sunil Nevla (son)
Unnamed wife
Production Information
Debut Frenemies
Voiced by Sam Vincent
"Oh! That's my boy!"
—Sunil's Dad, Frenemies

Sunil's Dad appeared in a fantasy scene from Frenemies. He is a teal mongoose with emerald green eyes, a turquoise face and belly, the tip of his tail is of the same color. In addition to the back stripes he shares with his son, he has stripes on his tail.


When Russell suggested consulting a doctor about Vinnie's tail loss, Sunil mentioned his parents always wanted him to be a doctor.

During an imagination scene of Sunil being Vinnie's doctor, his parents appeared, seemingly proud of their son.


Sunil's Dad: Oh, sure, sure. Pretend we are not even here.