Lps superstar spotlight
Superstar Spotlight  is a online flash hidden game that can be played on Hasbro's and Hub's websites. The objective of the game is to find pets in a pitch-black background/screen.

About This Game

The pets are all dressed up and ready to put on a show, but the lights keep going out! Can you help Blythe find all of them in the dark, using only your memory and a spotlight? Play this fun puzzle game and feel like part of the show!

How to Play

  • Look closely at the scene to memorize the position of each pet. Be quick! You only have a few seconds before the lights go out.
  • Next, find the pet by clicking where you think she or he is.
  • When you’re really close to finding the pet, your spotlight will turn red. The farther away you click, the less warm the spotlight color will be.
  • You have a limited number of clicks to find the pet, so use them wisely!
  • The Hint button will appear if you have fewer than five clicks left. It will show you the scene again for a few seconds. Make it count!
  • Complete all five levels and you win! Good luck!


  • The song they used on the main menu is the instrumental version of official LPS Theme Song.


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