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Tess McSavage
Tess McSavage.png
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Aliases Miss McSavage
Occupation Zoologist
Production Information
Debut What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Tess McSavage is a world-famous zoologist. She is known by her TV show Secrets of the Wild.


Before the episode's airing, various guides referred to her as "Tess Gregory".[1]


She went to the big city to take a break from the wilderness, and took the opportunity to visit her old college friend Mrs. Twombly at Littlest Pet Shop. She was happy to see the pets, but ran screaming in panic when she saw Penny Ling, which she denied after a 7-minute power nap. She assured Blythe that everyone knows she loves bears with photos of her with various bear species.

The pets tried to present Penny Ling dressed in a gorilla costume to her, but Tess reacted the same way, much to Penny Ling's sadness. Blythe searched on the Internet and found out Tess' fear came from a bad experience in a gorilla sanctuary, with a gorilla who had been recently transferred to the Downtown City Zoo named Sunshine Sweetness. Sunshine roared at her because she picked up her plushy panda Squeezy.

Blythe wanted to help get her get over her fear, so she came up with a plan with Sunshine. Blythe brought her to the zoo and she got surrounded by a couple of fans. When she saw Sunshine, Blythe told her about the misunderstanding. When they realized Sunshine had Penny Ling in arms, Tess got up courage and went into the habitat. She softly talked to Sunshine and found her toy and then settled things with Penny Ling with a hug.


  • Tess is based on Jane Goodall in appearance and is also associated with gorillas.