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"Okay, everyone! Who's Your Orangutan?"
—Announcer, Lotsa Luck

That's My Orangutan is a sitcom starred by Old Bananas. Pepper is a huge fan, and has been ever since she was very young. Pepper has apparently learned everything she knows about comedy by watching it, "before pet watch-dog groups steered TV networks away from doing any imitate-able behavior." The show is currently running again on Planet of Pets Channel.

The show has an off-screen announcer speaking while Old Bananas performs. The orangutan either shows whatever object is the subject of the joke or does visual comedy on himself by means, such as pratfalls and throwing pies. There is also a rope hammock where he can rest. The show ends with Old Bananas giving the audience a thumbs up while the announcer says he wishes them "lotsa luck".


The show was introduced in Lotsa Luck, in which O.B. was scheduled for a visit to Littlest Pet Shop. Flashbacks of Pepper's youth watching the sitcom were shown, after she heard about it. She talked about how she was a huge fan and strove to get his "lotsa luck" in person as the ultimate showbiz seal of approval.

It made a quick cameo in To Paris With Zoe, when Vinnie was zapping through the television channels.

It was also mentioned in Standup Stinker, when Pepper invited Blythe to see a marathon of Old Bananas in the See It Again Network.