The Tiniest Animal Store Jingle
Episode The Tiniest Animal Store
Sung by Gabriela Geneve
Gabe Brown
Kaylee Johnston
Bobby Callahan
Shylo Sharity
Length 1:00
Season Season 4
Episode Transcript The Tiniest Animal Store
Littlest Pet Shop - The Tiniest Animal Store Jingle

The Tiniest Animal Store Jingle is from The Tiniest Animal Store.


A lonely little princess,
In a tropical locale,
Inherited a pet shop,
From her wacky Uncle Al
She went to the big city,
With a suitcase in her clutch,
A fish that's out of water,
But the city was too much.
She met some kooky aliens,
Who zapped her in a blur,
Now Blythe can talk to animals,
And they can talk to her!
Lola: Hello?
Gary: Hello!
Zelda: Hey there!
Bob: What's up?
Here at the Tiniest Animal Store,
You get to do the things you love to do,
Here at the Tiniest Animal Store,
You might not believe us,
But we swear that it's all true!
Announcer: 'Tiniest Animal Store' is based on a totally true and completely not-made-up girl, Blythe Baxter, who works at Littlest Pet Shop.
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