Char 85661
Physical Information
Species Cat
Sex Male
Personal Information
Residence Largest Ever Pet Shop
Production Information
Debut Gailbreak!
Voiced by Nicole Oliver
"You newbies will never learn. No one ever makes it."
—Tiger, Gailbreak!

Tiger is a tabby cat[1] shown as one of the imprisoned pets in the Largest Ever Pet Shop during Gailbreak!. He got close to escaping, but was caught by Fisher Biskit in the process, while the other pets managed to escape.


Like most pets, Tiger hates the Largest Ever Pet Shop. He thinks that there is no hope for escaping. In Gailbreak!, he continuously tells the pets that no one will ever be able to rescue them. He's been described as "world-weary".[1]


Tiger is a light orange tabby cat with brown stripes all over his body, including his tail, limbs, face, ears and the top of his head, giving him the resemblance of a tiger. He has slightly darker tufts of orange fur around his face, in the top of his head and in the tip of his tail. He has lighter fur around his neck, which is the same color as his belly, muzzle, paws, eyelids and the inside of his ears. He has light blue eyes.


During his first appearance in Gailbreak!, he tries to escape his cell in Largest Ever Pet Shop, but is caught almost as soon as he steps out of it. He spends the rest of the episode moping and telling the Littlest Pet Shop Pets that nobody has ever broken out and never will. His theory ends up disproven when Sunil, in a mental suggestion-induced rage, trumps the security of Largest Ever Pet Shop and sets all the animals free. In great joy, Tiger, all of the other pets trapped at LEPS and the LPS pets escape... sadly, Tiger is nabbed by Fisher Biskit, who reprimands his daughters for failing to keep a close eye on the shop and its security measures. Tiger is last seen moping that he "almost made it".

Since then, Tiger has made multiple cameos outside of Largest Ever Pet Shop, indicating that he escaped. Mrs. Twombly is seen handing him to his owner in LPS: The Moosical, although she calls him "Mr. Wiggins".


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