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Blythe: (Sets up a standee of Zoe) There. Perfect.
Zoe: (Knocks over the standee) Well... almost perfect.
(bell rings)
Youngmee: Blythe, guess what? Guess what? Guess what? You're never gonna guess! Never, never, never! Guess what?
Blythe: You accidentally drank a gallon of coffee?
Youngmee: No, silly. We're going to be neighbors. Well, not technically living-next-door-to-each-other neighbors, but work neighbors. Isn't that cool?
Blythe: Youngmee, what are you talking about?
Youngmee: Come on, I'll show you.
(The two walk down the street a short way. Blythe uncovers her eyes. A bunch of construction workers are working on the Sweet Delights shop.)
Youngmee: See?
[theme song]
Blythe: Sweet Delights?
Youngmee: Right. It's my Aunt Christie's new sweet shop. I'm going to be working right next door to you.
Blythe: And that means we can hang out together. I mean, even more than we already do.
(girls squeal with delight)
Aunt Christie: But I've got to have that vanilla extract by opening or I'm sunk, Dexter. [Beep] No, no, no! Not you, Dexter; I just got an IM that they're all out of turbo mixers. Oh! Hi, girls.
Youngmee: Aunt Christie, this is my friend Blythe. She works at Littlest Pet Shop.
Aunt Christie: Nice to finally meet you, Blythe. Oh, here - I have something for you. (Rummages through her bag) Ah, here they are - my new icing pops, made from real cake icing. Let me know what you think. (Talks on phone) No, Dexter, the extract must be from Madagascar. I'll accept no substitutes.
Blythe: Mmm. I think I'm going to enjoy having your aunt in the neighborhood, Youngmee.
Aunt Christie: [Sigh] When you run your own business, you really have to keep on top of things.
Blythe: Good to know.
Aunt Christie: So, how's my pet bunny Buttercream Sundae? She's not giving you any trouble at Littlest Pet Shop, is she, Blythe?
Blythe: No, she's great. The other pets love her.
[Dance music]
Pets: [Cheering]
Russell: Alright, woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah, haha!
Vinnie: Oh yeah, oh yeah!
Buttercream: Tada! (Blows kisses) Thanky thanky cotton hanky!
Pets: [Cheering]
Pepper: Haha! Oh, Buttercream, you're so much fun!
Sunil: Yes, your positive attitudes have enlivened us like a breath of fresh funness.
Penny Ling: Plus, you're super cute, which means there won't be so much pressure on me to be adorable all the time. [Sigh] Being impossibly cute can be such a burden.
Buttercream: Aw, Penny Ling, you're the skoosh-da-booshiest of all the skoosh-da-booshes!
Penny Ling: What?
Buttercream: What? (Her ears wind up, she rapidly stomps her paw, and calms down.) Anyhoo...
Russell: Er, Buttercream, on behalf of myself and the other pets, I would like to officially welcome you to Littlest Pet Shop daycamp.
(The other pets welcome her.)
Buttercream: [Chuckle] Thanks, Russell-bo-bussell, I think you guys are swell too, the bee's pajamas! I'm looking forward to coing over here and spending oodles of noodles with you all!
Vinnie: You know, I can't understand what she's saying half the time, but I'm okay with that.
Sunil: Mm-hm!
Zoe: And we're looking forward to visiting you next door at the sweetshop. I mean, despite the questionable nutritional value of a diet heavy in sugar, how cool is that?!
Minka: Plus, you've got a secret tunnel! That makes you like a secret agent or something!
ButtercreamYeah! Or something. Anyhoo, you guys are going to love the sweet-errific-treat-errifics over there!
Vinnie: Good, huh?
Buttercream: Haha, good? 
Just look around and you will see
A place so yummy that you can't believe
Every type of sweet there could possibly be
We only have the best, just try, and you'll agree
We've got flavors comin' out the door
Here's a caramel apple cherry cream s'more!
Cupcakes, icing pops
Glasses made from lollipops
Sweet-errific treat-errifics never ever stop!
The sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (Ah-ooh)
You have to love the candy shop (Ooh-ah-ooh)
The Sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (BoysAh-ooh)
Once you start you'll never stop (BoysNever stop, ooh-ah)
There's a table at the front where the pets can eat! (GirlsWah-ooh wah-ooh wah-ooh)
Oh, wow! That's a really big gumball machine! (GirlsWah-ooh wah-ooh wah-ooh)
[Penny Ling]
Macaroon jelly rolls!
Snicker doodle pudding bowls!
Sweet-errific treat-errifics never grow old!
The sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (Ah-ooh)
You have to love the candy shop (Ooh-ah-ooh)
The sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (Ah-ooh)
Once you start you'll never stop (BoysNever stop)
The sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (Ah-ooh)
You have to love the candy shop (Ooh-ah-ooh)
The sweet shop, the sweet, sweet shop (Ah-ooh)
Once you start, you never, ever stop (BoysNever ever stop)
You'll never stop
Vinnie: I gotta try out some of the sweet stuff! Any chance we can go next door and take a peek?
Buttercream: Does a bear sleep in the woods?
Vinnie: What?
Buttercream: What? (Her ears wind up, she rapidly stomps her paw, and calms down.) Any-hoo...That's a great idea, Vinnie-bo-binnie!
Pets: [Cheering]
Russell: Hold on a second, I'm not sure that's such a good idea. There's some serious construction going on in there, and I think everyone knows serious construction can be dangerous. Right?
[Beat] (The pets go into the sweet shop.)
Russell: [Sigh] Fine, but don't come crying to me when serious construction drops a hammer on your paw!
[Construction sounds]
Aunt Christie: The place is looking good, Earl.
Earl: Thanks. I'm thinking we'll be done by-
Aunt Christie(Talks on phone) No, Barry, I'm talking with him right now. When do you think you'll be done, Earl?
Earl: Friday.
Aunt Christie: You're a man of few words, Earl. I like that. Everything should be set by Friday, Barry.
Earl: I wonder if she texts in her sleep? ​Alright, everyone, let's call it a day. See you tomorrow morning at six sharp. 
[Door closes]
Buttercream: Well, the pets are in the house! Haha!​​​​​​ What do you thinky thinky kitchen sinky?
(The pets are amazed by the sweet shop.)
Vinnie: Ah!
Minka: [Slurp] Just paint.
Sunil: Ah! 
Penny Ling: [Gasp] Ooh! I don't know where that is, but I want to live there!
Minka: Me too! Although, I'd make sure I brought a pretty, pretty toothbrush to protect my pretty, pretty teeth from yucky, yucky cavities!
Sunil: Ah! Are those the kinds of delicious yum-yums that will be made here, Buttercream the bunny?
[Door opens]
Buttercream: Yes siree Bill, Sunil! This is where all the yum-yums start! Who wants to try some ingredients?
(The pets excitedly rush into the kitchen, carrying Buttercream, whose peppermint bow falls off.) 
[Door closes]
Youngmee: Just think, Blythe, we can take a smoothie break every day now if we want to.
Blythe: Or we can pop into each other's stores and go like, "What's up with you?"
Youngmee: Not much, what's up with you?
Blythe: Not much, what's up with you?
[Both laugh]
Blythe: Yeah, good times ahead. Good times.
Youngmee: [Sigh] Yeah.
Blythe: Wanna hang out in the pet shop?
Youngmee: Sure!
Sunil: [Munching] Mmm! [Stomach rumbles] [Sobbing] Oh, my goodness! I must admit that thanks to consuming far too much sugar than is healthy, my tummy is not feeling so very good right now!
[Stomachs rumbling]
[Whimsical music]
Penny Ling: [Dreamily] Minka, your cherry's crooked!
Minka: Ah- How dare you? Hold on, what?
(Penny Ling smells Pepper's scent and snaps out of her sugar high.)
Penny Ling: [Coughs] Uh, never mind.
Pepper: Okay, you know what, you know what, you know what, you know what, you know what, you know what? I-I think it's time we went back to the pet shop! I-I'm not feeling so good, either!
Russell: [Twitch] Pepper's right! [Thud] We're done here! 
Zoe: Yeah, I'll bet Blythe's worried! Or do you think she's forgotten about us?
Russell: We'll never know, because the door is stuck! It's stuck! It's stu-u-uck! I told you this was a bad idea! We're doomed to stay here forever, cut off from the outside world like a remote tribe on a jungle island!
Vinnie: I call chief!
Blythe: I'll be right back, Youngmee, I gotta check on the pets. Hey, where is everybody? Okay, very funny! You had me there for a second, doing the whole vanishing thing or whatever! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Okay, I'm starting to not like this! Oh, no - they've all been pet-napped! Youngmee, to the day camp area, stat!
Youngmee: What's wrong?
Blythe: The pets have been stolen!
Youngmee: Don't be silly. Nobody's been back here all day, and I think we would've noticed any suspicious characters hanging around, right?
Jasper: Howdy howdy! D'you guys feel like grabbing a bite to eat?
Sue: We were thinking about trying that new place over on-
Blythe: The pets are missing, you guys have got to help me find them!
Sue: Okay, we will! Um, spread out and check every inch of this place.
Youngmee & Jasper: Right!
Sue: Don't worry, Blythe, we'll find them. (A second later...) WE CAN'T FIND THEM!!
Blythe: Okay, they have to be somewhere.
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, Blythe!
Blythe: Oh, no - Mrs. Twombly! You guys keep looking, I'll go run interference!
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, heavenly days!
Blythe: Did you call for me. Mrs. Twombly?
Mrs. Twombly: Well, I thought might- be a good idea- for us to take- the pets out- for a walk. 
Blythe: That's a great idea, Mrs. T. But first I wanted to ask you a question about the bins of... pet kibble! I'm a little concerned that it's getting stale.
Mrs. Twombly: Stale? Oh, that's not possible. The shelf life of high-quality kibble like the kind we use is hundreds of years. I've got a government report somewhere that tells all about that sort of thing.
Blythe: Really? Oh, I'd love to see it!
Mrs. Twombly: You would? Oh, well, alright. But it may take me a while to find it.
Blythe: That's okay, take your time! Phew, that was close! [To Youngmee] Still no pets?
Youngmee: Still no pets.
Blythe: Alright, let's go back and search for clues. In order to find the pet, you have to be the pet. (Imitating pet behaviors around the day camp) Hold on there - Aha! (She finds the small hole in the wall.)
Sue: That hole looks like a pet magnet, alright.
Youngmee: See anything?
Blythe: Yeah - the bunny's hair ribbon! Zoe! Pepper! Russell! Are you in there? [Grunt] (Tries to squeeze her head through the hole) Curse my freakishly large head!
Jasper: Whoa, there's a lot of sugar in there! I hope they're okay.
Sue: What are we going to do?
Blythe: Youngmee, can't you just let us in the front door?
Youngmee: That's a good idea, except I don't have a key.
Blythe: Ugh, great!
Youngmee: Hey! Aunt Christie did say that she was going to her Pilates class, maybe I can catch her there and get the key!
Blythe: Hurry, use my scooter! Ugh, why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?
Pets: [Chanting] Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!
VinnieSugar! (Dashing around the kitchen) 
Russell: Alright, tribe folk-
Minka: [Shriek]
Russell: As your chief, I hereby declare Marshall law and a curfew. 
Sunil: Mmm! Oh my goodness, this cane of candy is soo yummy! Yes, the chief has decided that everyone should go nighty-night by eight o' clock in the P.M!
Pepper: Hold on there, Russell!
(Vinnie rushes by.)
Vinnie: Sugar!
Pepper: Who said you were going to be the chief?
Russell: Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Leadership positions always go to those of superior intelligence.
Minka: [Hyper] B-b-but V-v-v-v-vinnie said he w-w-w-wanted to be the ch-ch-ch-chief.
Vinnie: Sugaaaaar! 
Russell: I don't think he's in any condition to lead anything.
Zoe: Well, the way Pepper and I look at it-
Vinnie: Sugar!
Zoe: -we should lead the tribe.
Sunil: That is ridiculous! Why you two?
(Vinnie downs a bowl of icing.)
Zoe: [Growl]
Sunil: Aaah!
Pepper: [Thwack!] Superior strength!
Sunil: [Gulp] She is having something of a point there, Chief Russell!
Russell: Listen here, smelly pants!
Vinnie: Sugar! Sugar!
Pepper: Who are you calling smelly pants?!
Russell: I'm calling you a smelly pants!
Pepper: Oh, yeah?! Well, heh! Well, I'm- I'm calling you a... tiny boy!
Russell: Tiny boy? That doesn't even make sense!
Buttercream: [Laugh] Are they always jibberty-jabberty flibberty-flabberty like that?
Penny Ling: Do those words mean "talk"?
Buttercream: Yes.
Penny Ling: Well, not always. But I like how it's keeping them distracted while we do what needs to be done!
(Russell and Pepper have a slap-fight, a shelf falls over.)
Penny Ling: We'll be the ones in charge, because we'll be the ones who have all the food!
Vinnie: Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, SUGAR!
(Youngmee speeds up the road on Blythe's scooter.)
Youngmee: Excuse me, is my Aunt Christie here?
Pilates clerk: She was earlier, Youngmee. I think I heard her say she was going to get her nails done.
Youngmee: Okay, thanks!
Blythe: Well, we don't have much time before the pets get picked up.
Jasper: I think you mean you don't have much time! [Conk] Ow! What was that for?
Sue: Let's try to be helpful, Jasper.
Jasper: I thought I was, you know? Lighten the moment.
Sue: Ugh. Don't worry, Blythe - Youngmee will get back in time.
Jasper: Or not. [Conk] Ow! 
Blythe: Wonder how Youngmee's doing tracking down that key?
Youngmee: Jane, is my Aunt Christie here?
Jane: She just left, Youngmee; but she did say that her watch needed a new battery. Try the tick-tock shop. 
Youngmee: Okay, thanks!
Russell: Give us our share of the sweet stuff, you two!
Sunil: That is most correct! You will be giving us some or we will be forced to take the drastic actions and so forth!
Penny Ling: Such as?
Sunil: Well, um... Er, let's see... Pepper, what kind of drastic actions will we be taking should the panda and the bunny not give us some of the sugary delights?
Pepper: We'll get really, really mad! 
Penny Ling & Buttercream: [Laughing] Ooh, we're scared! 
[Scooter revving]
[Bell dings]
Youngmee: Mr. Kim, did my Aunt Christie come in here?
Mr. Kim: She sure did, Youngmee. I think she said she was going to stop for an ice cream cone on her way home.
Youngmee: Thanks!
[Tribal music]
[Thwack! Thwack!]
Vinnie: Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar! (Slows down) [Panting] What the heck was I doing?! (Looks around and sees everyone fighting)
[Tribal music]
[Thwack! Thwack!]
Vinnie: It's... the sugar! It's making everybody nuts! Hey!
Vinnie: Don't you realize what's going on? It's the sugar - it's driving everybody crazy!
Buttercream: You're the one that's crazy-dazy far-away-zy!
Vinnie: What?
Buttercream: What?! (Winds up and calms down) Anyhoo, this is probably just some kind of trick to get our sugary sweets!
Pepper: Nnnnnn-no it's not! Vinnie's right, this is not how we treat each other!
Russell: [Shaking] Yeah. We're friends, not enemies! This is not how friends act.
Sunil: I too am very sorry!
Zoe: Wow! That whole power trip thing was really weird!
(Everypet apologizes)
Buttercream: Well, hardy-ha-ha! Nice try, try nicers! Trying to soften us up so you can get behind the berry-bo-barricade!
Penny Ling: I can't believe that, Buttercream, and I know they wouldn't do anything like that to us.
Buttercream: Are you... sure?
Penny Ling: Yes, I'm sure. (Hugs Russell and Sunil tightly) I'm sorry!
Russell: Think nothing of it!
Sunil: Yes, think nothing of it, and then release us so that we might breathe again!
Pepper: Well, ah, I'm glad we got that sugar malarkey cleared up, but you know, we still got a big problem: How are we going to get out of here?! 
[Scooter revving]
[Door opens]
Youngmee: Excuse me, did you see my Aunt Christie?
Teen: You mean the strawberry, basil, and cucumber cone? Just left.
Youngmee: Oh. (She sees Aunt Christie) Aunt Christie!
Aunt Christie: Youngmee! Getting some ice cream? I recommend the strawberry, basil, and cucumber. Mm, delicious!
Youngmee: Blythe and I left something we need in the sweet shop and we need to get in. Do you have the key?
Aunt Christie: It'd be silly if I didn't. Hold this. (Searches her bag) Now, where is that key? I've really got to clean this purse out one of these days. Oh, I know where it is! Tada, there it is - right where I put it!
Youngmee: Thanks, Aunt Christie!
[Scooter revving]
Aunt Christie: I'll be back over at the shop later and I'll get it back from you then!
[Door opens]
Youngmee: Hi, Mrs. T! Bye, Mrs. T!
Mrs. Twombly: Eh- hm?
Youngmee: I've got the key, I've got the key!
Blythe: [Gasp] Youngmee, you're awesome!
Youngmee: Aunt Christie said she's coming back to the shop tonight, so we've got to get the pets out of there fast!
Blythe: Come on, let's go! Hi!
Jasper: Mrs. T!
Sue: Bye!
Youngmee: Mrs. T!
Mrs. Twombly: Oh! I wish I had their energy! [Chuckle]
Blythe: Over here! [Grunt]
Blythe: [Laughing] Oh, I'm happy to see you guys too! Oh, you're all a mess! We've got to get the pets cleaned up fast-
(The kitchen is a sticky mess.)
Blythe: And then we'll come back and clean up the pantry.
Youngmee: [Sigh] Good idea.
Minka: And Russel's like, "Penny Ling, Penny Ling, let me have some sugar!" And Penny Ling's like, "Not by the hair on my chinny-chin," uh-
Russell: Chin?
Minka: Right!
Penny Ling: I don't talk that way.
Pepper: She's giving you better lines than you had in the pantry, Penny Ling; I'd just go with it!
Sunil: True that!
Russell: Mm-hm!
Blythe: Well, the only good thing about all this is that we made a nice, new friend, right?
All: Right!
Buttercream: Thanky thanky beans and franky! I think you're great too!
Blythe: Oh, I almost forgot. Youngmee's Aunt Christie sent over a treat for everyone: Icing pops!
AllAaaaah! Sugar! [Screaming]
[End credits]
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