Treasure Hunters
"Oh, good day. Welcome to Treasure Hunters. This is the show that takes you to amazing places and exotic locales. Where adventure awaits you at every turn. And at the end of the journey, the ultimate reward: treasure!"
Riley Robinson, The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly

Treasure Hunters is a reality show in which they investigate known legends and rumors about treasures. It is led by Riley Robinson. Pepper says it is her favorite show, having watched every episode and is able to recite its motto by heart.


The show was mainly featured in The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly, when Riley was exploring a tale about a chest that was buried under Littlest Pet Shop many years ago. Mrs. Twombly was excited about having a live television show shooting in the pet shop and was very kind to Riley, but Blythe was annoyed by the crew.

Riley told them about the rumors about Henrietta Twombly's treasure and showed a map noting that it was buried 40 paces from the cabin entrance. The crew started digging a hole in the shop, upsetting Blythe. While Mrs. Twombly was interested on finding out if the odd rumors she heard about her great-great-grandmother were true, Blythe and the pets were concerned about what the crew would do later.

During the search, the filming crew went through Sweet Delights, making Christie happy due to the free publicity. Blythe and the pets managed to find the treasure, which turned out to be pet kibble with Henrietta's pet food recipes, much to the disappointment of Riley and his crew.

The show also made a quick cameo in To Paris With Zoe when Vinnie was zapping through channels.

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