Treasure Out Of Trash
Episode Fish Out of Water
Character(s) Lemasque
Russell Ferguson
Penny Ling
Vinnie Terrio
Pepper Clark
junkyard rats
female opossum
Sung by Brian Drummond
Sam Vincent
Laura Hastings
Kyle Rideout
Tabitha St. Germain
Peter New
(Michael Kopsa?)
Length 1:47
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Fish Out of Water

Treasure Out Of Trash is a song in Fish Out of Water sung by Lemasque and his friends. Pete and the junkyard rats from What Did You Say? make a reappearance in this song, but with no solos.


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You may not like the slime
But we see it all the time!
Alors, ze grime, ze grime
To us it smells divine!
No really, you should try it sometime!
'Cause we make treasure out of trash
Garbage turned to gold in just a flash!
Go ahead and dump your old bread
We can use it as a new bed
Send us stuff you're breaking
And the leaves that you are raking
We'll take it 'cuz we're down here making
Lots of treasure out of trash
A dab of sticky goo from this old ice cream cone
Behind the ears she makes a very wonderful cologne
The peel of a banana makes a delightful bandana
These french fries if you please
Are perfect for a set of water skis!
You might see it as junk
But to us that is just bunk!
Take a look and you will see a
Trash heap full menagerie!
'Cause we make treasure out of trash
Grab a piece and add it to our stash!
We don't care if it is used or has a little bit of rust
We coined the phrase "What goes around eventually comes back to us"

[Lemasque, Russell, Penny Ling, Vinnie, Pepper]

Treasure out of trash!

[Russell, Vinnie, Pepper, Penny Ling]

Garbage turned to gold in just a flash!


So if you throw your things away
They may end up down here someday!
Your trash is treasure here
A cherished souvenir
Let's all give a big cheer of making


So much treasure out of trash!
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