aka Sinan Bayramoglu

  • I live in France
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is Drawing and racing
  • I am a boiiiiiii


Don't be sad but now I have nothing more to do here since the show is over. I don't say that I will leave the wikia but just for warning you that I will be inactive here. I will pass sometimes here for see what's going on and all and I will probably come back when the new LPS show will come out.

I don't leave Littlest Pet Shop, the show will stay in my heart forever and I hope that the next show will be more great and that everyone will love it!

See you everyone!

My favorite characters

  • Dusty West (male background character)
  • Lefty Silverstein (female background character)
  • Ramon (male antagonist)
  • Finola Frum (female antagonist)
  • Jasper Jones (male human and all humans)
  • Sue Patterson (female human)
  • Weber (male pet)
  • Buttercream Sunday (female pet, all pets and all characters)
  • Russell and Minka (main characters)
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