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Bradenplier Bradenplier 6 July 2018

LPS Humans

This is some LPS humans in real life

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Bradenplier Bradenplier 5 June 2018

LPS movie (my idea)

So, I will send a letter to Hasbro studios in Burbank, California soon. It's asking for an LPS movie. Inviting me to write the plot.

Here is what the letter says

Dear Hasbro,

I am an Arizonan named Braden Hendrickson. I wrote ideas for 4 other directors, and I also have ideas for movies and series I want to make as an adult. I was wondering if you could bring back LPS and make an LPS movie before bringing it truly back to TV. So, in the movie, Zoe (Nicole Oliver), Blythe (Ashleigh Ball), Russell (Sam Vincent), Minka (Kira Tozer), Sunil (Peter New), Vinnie (Kyle Rideout), Penny (Jocelyne Loewen), and Pepper (Tabitha St. Germain) hear about how the Biskit family has become dictators of downtown city, persecuting people they dislike. It’s up to …

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