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Greetings, everyone!

As you can probably tell, this blog post is going to be about the "joy" of being a designer admin on Wikia. And about the fact that I refuse to be a designer here any longer.

Allow me to get straight to the point: being a creative designer is not allowed on the Wikia. Every time you try to be creative and decorate your beloved wiki with something special, there will be a rule that you'll end up breaking. And therefore, your design and creative ideas will get rejected and denied. Along with you.

For example... Remember my "Day and Night" design? I wonder if any of you have noticed that starting from a specific Wikia update, the banners have suddenly disappeared. Would you like to know why? Allow me to quote the section "Changes to the local navigation, page header and article header" of the "Customization policy". Ahem...

The local navigation (excluding setting the 312 allowed menu links), page header and article header are key elements of the FANDOM site design. Navigation menu content may only be added via modification of the navigation system message. Other customization may only be implemented via Theme Designer.

Hate to be the one bringing you the sad news, my dear Wikia, but I can do more in Microsoft Paint than I can in your "Theme Designer"! Apparently, you don't really get the idea of an "advanced design", do you? Can your "Theme Designer" set up a change of the entire design depending on the time of day on the viewer's personal computer? How about adding the custom elements to the page, such as a dynamic animation walking through the page at the bottom of it? Okay, maybe it can at least help me set up a special theme for the buttons for all the cases: when they're idle, when the mouse is over them and when they're pressed? No? Goodness... that's poor.

Now, let me do a quick comparison, showing you exactly what has been denied this Halloween.

Wikia Banner comparison.png

The best part? The banner doesn't affect anything Wikia-related. All of the buttons are available, the menu is available, and it doesn't even change the size of the page header! But OMG, it's being set with a javascript! No-no-no! That's a terrible violation. You can't do that! Reject! Reject! Reject!

To sum it up, I am tired of being repressed like that all the time. I'm tired of arguing with the Wikia staff. I'm tired of being denied. Once this Howl-o-ween is over, I'll return it to the bannerless "Day and Night" design and that will be it. There will be no more holiday celebration here. There will be no more creative things here. There will be nothing left but the everlasting silence.

Signing off,

P.S. Wikia, I suggest you get a fitting slogan. I think, "Inspire to retire" will do just fine for you.

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