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We're Havin' a Party, Party
Episode What, Meme Worry?
Length 0:16
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript What, Meme Worry?
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We're Havin' a Party, Party is a song partially heard in What, Meme Worry?. It is a song from a music video that François LeGrande finds when Whittany tells him to surf the web and find them the most famous thing people do. The song annoys him, making him destroy the laptop and throw it in the fireplace to stop it; but the twins enjoyed it, getting inspired to do a music video.

It is a parody of Friday by Rebecca Black,[1] a music video that went viral in 2011, fitting the episode's meme theme.


What, Meme Worry We're Havin' a Party, Party.png

I'm not havin' a birthday party
I'm not havin' a shower
I'm not havin' a slumber party
Least not [?]
Party hard--