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Episode: What, Meme Worry?
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Vinnie & Sunil: [Laughing]
[Whoopie cushion]
Sunil: Hmm...
Blythe & Mrs. Twombly: [Muttering]
Sunil: Uhhh, what is going on with Blythe and Mrs. Twombly?
Blythe & Mrs. Twombly: [Whispering]
Zoe: Something secret.
Pepper: Something is definitely going on, and it's definitely a secret!
Penny Ling: Maybe it's a surprise party? 
Russell: I already calculated everyone's birthday, couldn't be that.
Minka: Maybe they're redecorating, or re-redecorating! 
Vinnie: Or maybe they're expanding the shop to include a taco bar, disco dancefloor, and frozen yogurt dispenser.
Blythe: Hi, guys! It's nail clipping day!
Pets: [Gasp]
Sunil: Ohhhhhhh, I hope it's not like the last time!
[Film reel]
Pets: [Gasp]
Sunil: [Screaming]
Minka: Aaaah!
Vinnie: [Panicking] Aaah! Aaaaaaaaah!
Russell: [Screaming]
Vinnie: [Screaming]
Pets: [Animal sounds]
Pepper: Nooooooooooo!
Sunil: [Screaming] ... Perhaps I will go last!

[theme song]

Blythe: There you go, Pepper. That wasn't so bad, was it?
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, Blythe, I couldn't do this without you.
Youngmee: You're so good with animals, I can't believe it.
Blythe: Well, I'm not sure those guys would agree with you right now.
Zoe: It's not that bad, hon.
Sunil: How can you say that? You were as frightened as everyone else!
Zoe: Eh, if all the truly famous pets put up with it, then so can I.
Vinnie: Owwwww! Ooooohhhhh!
Sunil: Ah! Did it hurt? Are you okay?
Vinnie: [Singing and dancing] Just kidding, Sun-ster! I don't have nails, so no clipping for me! [Singing and dancing] Woo!
Blythe: Okay, who's next? Have I forgotten anyone?
Jasper: Uh, the mongoose?
Sunil: [Teeth chattering] [Whimper]
Youngmee: Aww, look - he's so nervous!
Jasper: Hey, little guy, I cut my nails all the time! It doesn't hurt a bit! I know how you feel, little mongoose. Everybody worries. Aww! I gotta get a picture of this! (Takes a pic of Sunil with his phone) That's a good picture, little guy! Hahaha!
Youngmee: What did you just do?
Jasper: I loved the look on his face, so I put it on the web.
Blythe: Worrying mongoose knows how you feel. 
Youngmee: I love it! Where did you post it?
Jasper: On this website where people put funny captions over pictures and share them with each other.
Youngmee: Hey, it's already got four thumbs up!
Jasper: Awesome! Alright, hungry time!
Youngmee: Again?
Jasper: Hey, I'm a growing boy! Later, B, Mrs. T!
Blythe: See ya!
Mrs. Twombly: Peace out, home slice!
Youngmee: [Giggling]
Sunil: Worrying mongoose knows how you feel? Do I really look that worried?
Russell: All the time, my friend. All the time.

Kid: [Laugh, snort] Wait 'til I put this on the funny animal forum! [Laughing, snort]
Woman: Haha, wait 'til the board of directors see this! [Laugh]
Delivery man: Haha, wait 'til every delivery man in the country sees this! [Laugh]
(Worrying mongoose meme goes viral)

Blythe: [Muffled] Hello? Oh, hey Jasp!
Jasper: Blythe! Have you seen it? Do you have any idea what's going on?
Blythe: No, what's up?
Jasper: Okay, first let me read you this e-mail. Dear dragonfire117, this is to notify you that-
Blythe: Wait, who's dragonfire117?
Jasper: I'm dragonfire117, it's my webname. Can you believe there are 116 other dragonfires? Huh. Anyway, this is to notify you that your worrying mongoose post has recieved 121,000 thumbs up, placing you on our viral site of the week list! The picture I took of Sunil just today - it went viral!
Blythe: Really? [Spits] What does that mean?
Jasper: It means that everyone in the world is seeing it and sending it to their friends! Look - it's on How Many Thumbs!
Blythe: What's that?
Jasper: It's another website that watches other websites!
Blythe: Whoa, this is getting weird. 
Jasper: Ha, it's up to 134,000 hits! All thumbs up!
Blythe: Just since we've been on the phone?
Jasper: Uh-huh! Just somewhere out in the world, over 10,000 new people saw Sunil's picture, liked it, and gave it a thumbs up! This just doesn't happen! Uh - I mean, it does happen, just not to people like me - I mean, you - uh, Sunil. Heh, gotta go! [Beep]
Blythe: Sunil won't believe this! 

Blythe: And it was going so fast. And then, overnight, it just exploded!
Sunil: I don't believe it!
Blythe: I knew you wouldn't! But look - a million people all over the world gave your picture a thumbs up!
Zoe: Ah! That's not possible!
Russell: It's not likely, but it is possible.
Zoe: Seriously? A million people saw this?
Blythe: No, a million people clicked thumbs up. But I bet twice as many actually saw it.
Minka: Sunil! This means that you're, like, completely famous now!
Zoe: Sunil?!
Sunil: I agree with Zoe - Sunil?! Why is everybody looking at me?!
Pepper: Because you're famous!
Sunil: No! I am not famous! I've never been famous! No, no, no!
Zoe: Yes! Do you realize how big a million is?
Vinnie: I do! A million is... a lot! It is, right?
Russell: It's more than a lot, it's a lot times a lot! If one million mongooses stood on each others' shoulders, it would reach really high!
Vinnie: Wouldn't the bottom guy get squooshed?
Blythe:​​​​ Hey, now you're a thousand over a million!
Sunil: Ohhhh, my! I feel like the mongoose at the bottom! I feel like I'm getting squooshed!
Zoe: Hmph!

Mrs. Twombly: Worrying mongoose thanks you for coming! Whoo! I don't know what you and your friends did, Blythe, but the shop has never been busier!
Blythe: True that, Mrs. T! Who knew a jittery Sunil would pull in so many customers?
Penny Ling: Hey, Sunil, I heard people talking about you on the radio!
Zoe: Hmph!
Minka: My owners are sending Sunil's picture to each other at breakfast!
Vinnie: I saw a guy on TV talking about it!
Pepper: Really? What'd he say?
Vinnie: [Muffled talking] And that is a direct quote!
Pepper: Huh. So, Sunil, how are you doing with all this fame? Did you notice anything different?
Sunil: Yes! Normally when Blythe takes me for a morning walk, nobody talks to me unless if to say, "Hey, look! It's an otter!" But today was quite different - "Hey, look, that's the worrying mongoose! Haaa!"
Zoe: You know, Sunil, when somebody takes your picture, you're supposed to smile or at least strike a pose!
Sunil: But I did not ask to have my picture taken, and I still do not understand why someone would even want to take my picture!
Zoe: See?! Ugggh! This whole thing is super ridic! Sunil's picture and everybody making such a big deal about it and Sunil being famous?! HA! It's ridiculously ridiculous! I mean, you're not ridiculous! You being famous? That's ridiculous! [Laugh]
Pepper: You! My office! NOW! (Inside the hydrant plaything...) So, you're boiling with jealousy!
Zoe: I don't know what you mean.
Pepper: Feelings quietly burning you up inside, amirite?
Zoe: No! I mean - it's... warming!
Pepper: There you go, let it out!
Zoe: Well... I do feel a slight burning inside.
Pepper: Follow the burn, going to the burn!
Zoe: It's... just that... Sunil doesn't understand being famous or even knows what to do about it! How could HE possibly be famous and not ME?! AAAAAAAGH! Why is it so hot in here?!
Pepper: That's the burn.

Jasper: Blythe! The number of positive hits keeps getting bigger, and now people are doing mashups!
Mrs. Twombly: Oh, wait, wait. I need to write this down in my young people's notebook. What's a mashup?
Jasper: Well, it's when people take something popular and put it together with something else that's popular, to make some kind of joke. Mashups are hilarious! [Laugh] Look - here he is with a bunch of bananas!
Mrs. Twombly: Worrying mongoose knows how you peel. Oh!
Jasper: This one has him with a deck of cards!
Mrs. Twombly: Worrying mongoose knows how you deal.
Blythe: [Laugh] And look at this!
Mrs. Twombly: Worrying mongoose for president! [Laugh] Those mashups are... are, uh... sick! I have no idea what I'm saying.

Whittany: This is just totes lame, Brittany. I mean, how could Jasper's pic be so popular?
Brittany: I don't know, Whittany. And I think that's, like, Blythe's weasel, or whatever. It is! It's her little bear cub, or whatever! With a million thumbs up!
Whittany: Ugh! I can't even look at it anymore!
Brittany: Ugh! Throw that computer away!
Whittany: Blech! Goodbye, laptop thingy! Hey, butler guy! 
Francois: Yes, miss?
Brittany: We need a new laptop thingy. 
Whittany: Yeah, our last one accidentally fell in the trashcan.
Francois: Hmm... Yes, miss. I will retrieve a new one from the laptop armoire.
Whittany: So, like, can you believe how easy it was for Blythe's weasel creature to get totally famous?
Brittany: I thought only good-looking people were supposed to get famous?
Whittany: Yeah!
Francois: Your new computer, miss.
Brittany: Hey, Whitt! I just had a.. what do you call those brain thingies?
Francois: I think you mean "an idea", miss?
Brittany: Yeah, I just had one of those.
Whittany: Ah, you?
Brittany: Yeah! We're cute, right?
Whittany: Uh, yeah! We're, like, cuh-razy cute! And there's two of us, so we're like twice everything!
Brittany: You wanna, like, get famous and stuff?
Whittany: Okay, if Blythe's little fur turtle can do it, so can we! Butler, surf the web and find us, like, the most famous thing people do!
Francois: Yes, miss. 
Whittany: And make it something where we can wear cute outfits.

I'm not having a birthday party
I'm not having a shower
I'm not having a slumber party
Least not [?]
Party hard--

Francois: Aaaahhhhh, my ears! (Grabs a fireplace shovel and smashes the laptop with it, then chucks the laptop in the fireplace)
Whittany: Brittany, we should do a music video.
Brittany: Well, Whittany, we're naturally good at singing.
Francois: Uh, ladies, you cannot simply write a song and get famous-
Whittany: [Gasp] You can wear that one top of yours that looks so cute on me!
Brittany: Ah, I didn't even think of that one. I was thinking of the other one.
Whittany: You know, we'll probably get more than, like, ten plervillion views!
Brittany: Yeah, we're gonna be-
Whittany & Brittany: Famous! Aahhh!

Blythe: Oh, hi, Zoe. I can't believe how many people have liked Sunil's worrying mongoose photo.
Zoe: Hey, Blythe, look at this! Wow! Ooh! Love me! And hip, and hip, and stare, and purse! And kiss, and love, and love, and wow! Ohhh! Don't you think you should take a photo of me with your phone?
Blythe: Uh, why would I do that?
Zoe: Oh, so you can put it on the internet, of course! Heheh!
Blythe: Zoe, you're being silly. This isn't a competition.

Zoe: Blythe seems to think Sunil and I are not having a competition.
Pepper: But... you are?
Zoe: He's famous, I am not. I will do whatever it takes to be more famous than he is! And if you don't wanna call it a competition, fine! Call it Shirley or Governor Hall of Texas, it's okay with me! Haaa! 
Pepper: Zoe, are you planning on doing something rash?
Zoe: If I must! I don't care what it takes to become famous! If that means doing something big, something amazing, or something so hilariously random, I will! Then I just need to get someone to photograph me and put it on the internet! Oh, it's guaranteed to work! I could carve a ginormous statue of myself atop a cliff over a raging river! Then, I could bungee jump off the statue of me and parachute down with the river below! Ha!
Pepper: Yeah, where are you gonna get that much marble? Hm, what else you got?
Zoe: Okay, I learn to drive, then I buy a car-boat and set the land-water record for a dog driving the car-boat! 
Pepper: Zoe, you don't have a license... because you're a dog.
Zoe: I have a dog license.
Pepper: Funny, but no.
Zoe: What if I licked every person in Downtown City?
Pepper: Well, at least it's something you could actually do.
Zoe: (Licks the wrong person.) ​​​​Duugh! No, wait, that's a bad one.
[Cameras clicking] 
Sunil: [Snoring]
Zoe: Look at Sunil! He doesn't even CARE that he's famous! [Inhale] Well, I do! And I WILL be famous! [Inhale] Ohhh!

Brittany: [Over PA] Attention, fellow students - the TV screens that have been mounted throughout the school are donated as a gift by the Biskit family foundation and the Largest Ever Pet Shop. You're welcome. Oh, and one more thing - unless you want us to take them down, you have to like our video. Again, you're welcome.
Whittany: Good one, Brittany. 
Brittany: Thanks, Whittany.
Brittany: Ugh, stop staring at us!
Whittany: Whatever. We know we're cute. You can keep staring if you want.
Brittany: Uh-huh

We're cute

And there's two of us

So cute there's not much to discuss

Two times as cute as you

We're twins

Yeah, we're doubly cute

You can't deny

That you're jealous of our sailor suits

We're cuter than this
We're cuter than that
And we're not through
'Cause we're twice as cute as you

We're cuter than this
We're cuter than that
And we're not through
'Cause we're twice as cute as you

Check this out

[Monsieur LeGrande]
Yeah, the girls are cute 'cause they told me so
And they pay my wage so I rap in the show
I drive this limo, I don't go slow
And I don't stop driving until I get to the chateau

When I'm not chauffeuring their over-priced wheels
I fold their laundry and I cook them meals
I do what they say so I don't get the boot
I even rap songs about how they're too cute

We're cuter than this
We're cuter than that
And we're not through
'Cause we're twice as cute as you

We're cuter than this
We're cuter than that
And we're not through
'Cause we're twice as cute as you

Twin, twins



We're so twins



You wanna be me

And you wanna be me

Twin, twins


We're so twins

Two, two

You wanna be me

And you wanna be me


Whittany: Don't forget to give a video a thumbs up.

Brittany: You know? You like....want to.

Everyone: Huh?

Ginny Hues: This is Downtown City Today. I'm Ginny Hues and I love animals! But I must confess, I love them even more on the internet! Meet my guest, Mrs. Anna Twombly, owner of Littlest Pet Shop.
Mrs. Twombly: Er... what up, yo?
Ginny: And of course, this is the world's most famous worrying mongoose!
Zoe: I'm going right over there and lick everybody I see!
Pepper: Don't!
Zoe: Why not? I'll be the incredible licking dog! The internet will eat that up!
Pepper: How about being the amazing dog who still has some self-respect?
Zoe: Hmm, nah! Licking thing, later!
Ginny: People everywhere love mongeese - uh, is it mongeese or mongooses?
Mrs. Twombly: I have no idea!
Zoe: [Slurpling]
Sunil: Aaaaah! Ohhhhh! What are you doing?!
Zoe: Licking you!
Sunil: Well, stop it! I already had a bath this week!
Zoe: Ugh. Sunil, if you're going to be famous, could you at least do it halfway right?
Sunil: What do you mean?
Zoe: If it were me, which it obviously isn't, I would take this opportunity to make it shine!
Sunil: I don't know how to make it shine.
Zoe: Like this! (Jumps on Ginny and licks her)
Ginny: [Yelp] [Scream]
Ginny: Aah - make sure to edit this out for broadcast.
Blythe: Zoe, that was bad!
Zoe: I know it was bad! I can't help it! Blythe, I know you don't like to play favorites, but I need need need one favor!
Blythe: You want me to make you famous?
Zoe: Yes!
Blythe: Is this about Sunil's meme thing? Because Jasper's the one that-
Zoe: Then talk to him. Maybe I could wear a lavish outfit made entirely of stray cats, while tightrope walking across a telephone wire during rush hour! Or I could eat a spoonful of peanut butter! We all know how funny it is when a dog eats peanut butter! [Eating noises]
Blythe: Zoe, that all sounds too dangerous, except the peanut butter.
Zoe: Blythe, my dream has always been to become famous for doing very little work. Sunil has my dream and he doesn't even care for it!
Jasper: Blythe! Can you believe it?
Blythe: What now?
Jasper: The Biskits have gone viral!
Blythe: Wow! The video's been seen by over three million people!
Jasper: Yeah, and they all gave it thumbs down!
Blythe: Huh, it kinda makes me feel sorry for them.
Zoe: [Howling] [Barking]
Blythe: Are you recording this?!
Jasper: Yeah! Zoe sings better than the Biskit Twins! This is awesome!
Zoe: [Howling]
Jasper: I just found my next web post!
Zoe: [Howling]
Kid: [Laughing, snort]
Woman: [Laughing]
Delivery men: [Laughing]

Zoe: Ooh, look! More thumbs up for yelping dog! And I didn't have to do anything special but be myself! I love it!
Sunil: As do I, because now yelping dog is more famous than worrying mongoose!
Zoe: Sunil, I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time about your fame.
Sunil: To tell you the truth, I was too worried the whole time to even notice.
Zoe: [Straining]
Brittany: Unacceptable! Our video got, like, all thumbs down!
Whittany: This computer is dead to us!
Francois: [Sigh] I will get you another.
Whittany: The video of some dog howling to our song has more positive feedback than our, like, original video!
Francois: All is not lost, miss. I did notice one person gave your video a thumbs up.
Whittany: Ugh. Well, whoever it was, that person has amazing taste.
Mrs. Twombly: (Playing the Biskits' song) And we're cuter than this, and we're cuter than that! Woo-hoo! Forever young Twombly! Forever young! Woo-hoo-hoo! 

[End credits]