Wiggles McSunbask
Wiggles McSunbask
Physical Information
Species American Alligator
Sex Male
Personal Information
Family Unnamed owner
Production Information
Debut Alligators and Handbags
Voiced by Colin Murdock

Wiggles McSunbask is an green-skinned alligator who appears in Alligators and Handbags.


At first, Wiggles was a bully -- not only to his owner, but to the other pets in the shop as well, not allowing them to play anywhere and simultaneously tearing up toys and furniture. It took Zoe to stop the bully after he made Penny Ling cry. As it turned out, he is only pretending to be a bully because he felt it wouldn't be right if a big creature like him got pushed around. In reality, he is really a nice, gentle and sensitive gator.

He was also present at the Pet Jet in Blythe's Big Idea during Pet Friendly Skies, in which he went skydiving and yelled "Geronimo!", and among the crowd of troubled pets in Tongue Tied.



Wiggles and Penny Ling

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